Peaceful waterside walk at Tateiwa gorge

Hello from Michi No Eki Aso.

I would share you hidden gorge in northern part of Aso mountain today.

Tateiwa gorge in Minamioguni town 45mins from Michi No Eki Aso by car. I drove narrow winding road through small villages with beautiful old style Japanese houses. I felt like in middle centuries.   

Once I parked the car, I heard sound of water. I walked though pathway in woods.

I and my friend of girl a bit worried to slip by wet stones. In fact we were wearing low heel shoes. It was no problem.

Handrails in side of pathway not to falling down to river.



after 300m walk, I had arrived small water falls.

If you would like to enjoy waterside walk, Tateiwa gorge is the best peaceful place to visit. Nobody there… only you!

I love this kind of short trip. I will share you if I find hidden peaceful spot in Aso.

Have a good day!


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