Don’t miss this gorgeous view! Kyushu wild azalea is blooming near the crater.

Hello everyone, how are you?

In Aso, Miyama-Kirishima, the Kyushu wild azalea is blooming.

This azalea is tough enough to survive around the active volcano, you can see them growing in groups higher than an elevation of 800m.

They are tough but also sensitive about blooming. It is easy to get damaged by the volcanic eruption, ashes or even just the gas, and also the bugs. (caterpillars…..yumyum)

We never know if it will be a good year or not until they start blooming.

At “Sensui-kyo” a famous Miyama-Kirishima site in Aso, they didn’t do very well this year.
The Name of this place means that “a beautiful valley makes even the monks drunk”. When Miyama Kirishima bloom well, the view makes me feel like I am in heaven.

But, we had a volcanic eruption last year in Oct. and also it seemed the buds were eaten by caterpillars….

It is a shame but here it is !

The flowers at Mt. Eboshi is great this year!

They were eaten by caterpillars last year, but it came back beautifully this year.

I enjoyed trekking at Mt. Eboshi with my friend.

It takes about 1 hour to get to the top from Kusasenri parking.
You can look down “Kusasenri”, an old crater looks like a face.

Active volcano with pink flower is absolutely beautiful.

The trail is simple, going through the azalea bush is fun.

If you will have a chance to visit Aso in May, you should check up Miyama Kirishima, Kyushu azalea.

You can get the trekking map at Michi no Eki, Aso 😀

See you soon in Aso!


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