Spring is harvest season of Aso Takana mustard green!

Hello,everyone! How are you?

The controlled burning is sign of spring in Aso. We just had a big one last weekend.

Due to a little shower in evening before, the fire didn’t get too wild, we are expecting nice green grass grow back in a couple weeks.

There is another sign of spring here.

Do you know what it is?
They are called Takana, it is a type of mustard green.
Aso Takana don’t grow so tall but the spicy flavor is stronger because they get through the cold  winter climate in Aso.

Now it is the harvest season of Takana, my daughter experienced picking up Aso Takana at our friend’s garden the other day.

We can’t use machine to cut them, they choose the good leaves by eyes and break off the stem by hands. It is a lot of work!

But it is worth doing it, because they are so good.

The most popular way to eat them is salting.
They put only salt and red chili. Which is salted only for a couple days is called “Shinzuke”. Many people like them, as it is fresh and we can eat only now, after harvesting.

On the other hand, this is “furuzuke” which is salted more than 1 year.
If you salt them without air for this long, what will happen?

Yes, it is fermented. Of course, the smell is strong but they have very addictive taste.

My American husband preferred “shinzuke” the fresh one, and his friend who is also American liked “furuzuke” the old one better.

I like “furuzuke” the fermented one, but I agree the smell is a bit strong for some people.

If you go to “ Asoji” Aso traditional food restaurant, you can order
“Takanameshi” rice mixed with minced “furuzuke” takana.

It is easy to try and taste great. A friend of mine likes this “Takanameshi” even he doesn’t like the smell of “furuzuke” .


And this recipe is also special for Takana harvest season.
They cut fresh Takana in rough and pan-fry with mushroom and fried Tofu and a little bit of soy sauce.
I cooked with pork. It was good, too! You can use fresh Takana as regular mustard green.

Let’s try Aso traditional food. Now, it is a good season to try several ways to eat Aso takana mustard green.

See in Aso!









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