Why don’t you have a lunch in East……….

Hi there………..

It’s me Min Min. Have you read my blog about wandering around Michi No Eki Aso? If you’ve already read that blog, you may recall the restaurant called “ East “. It’s the nearest restaurant from Michi No Eki Aso, that’s why we always recommend the tourists to go. If you go there, they’ll come up with a lot of set meals to choose from. 

 Besides the other set meals, what I am really into is Lunch Set Meals. Lunch set meals are more inexpensive and the match of the set is really compatible. Here are 5 lunch meals. Take a look at the price, it’s only 680 Yen for each. 

Today, I had a Pork Ginger grill lunch set and orange juice for my lunch. So, I’m gonna make some reviews with it.

Honestly, I’m kind of a picky person when it comes to restaurants or cafes. The very first thing I was impressed with was the atmosphere. The atmosphere was so dramatic and if you fancy the sweet or calm vibe, why don’t you come along with your love of life. I promise you’ll have a sweet memorable moment.

Ohh…we’re getting sidetracked. Let’s move on to the set meal.Here you go…

For the Pork Ginger grill lunch set, we have grilled pork with some veggies salad, the ginger salad and wakame soup coming up with a bowl of rice. Grilled pork was really tasty and compatible with its veggies. The soft and sweet taste of pork was adjusted by the fresh veggies. The ginger salad gave me some peppery taste and even a slice of sweet taste. Can you imagine that combination? The tofu in wakame soup was delicate and the soup was softly warm.I don’t think you’ll be surprised if I tell you that I was full.

But I didn’t stop there, I ordered dessert too. Here is my dessert.

Coffee Jelly Parfait.Ice cream and whip cream was so yummy with the sweet taste. Coffee Jelly has a bit of a different flavor and tender texture. Well, when you have delicate cream and jelly, you also need some crunchy cereal. I was so into that dessert and I’ll definitely go and try again.

So, that is all for my today’s review blog and just give it a try for your lunch when you are in Aso. Have a nice day………

Min Min

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