hike on beautiful forest in foot of Aso mountain

Hello from Michi No Eki Aso! I hope you have a good day.

It’s beutiful sunny afternoon here in Aso.

Nekodake 1433 m is the most eastside of the 5 peaks of Aso mountain.

Figure of this mountain have characteristic peak with rocks like crown on top.

Local people said once upon the time Tengu a deity with long nose like Pinocchio with wings had lived this mountain. Other old story said king of cat had lived in peak of Nekodake. Neko in Japanese is cat. The end of year cats had hold a conference how to take out collar in logical way and other daily things.  

I had walked foot of Nekodake last weekend with daughter and friends.

We had  started on hike next of pasture.

Hello cows!! I was sorry to disturb you…

Foot of Nekodake have beautiful forest. We didn’t meet anybody, only full of nature and us.I found big mushrooms.  

Stag scratch new horns with trees.

Number of deer are living in Aso mountain. I always drive slowly in the dark. There’s the possibility of hit wild animals. I won’t to have this kind of sad accidents. 

If you walk woods in Aso, you can hear  the voice deer, badger, birds, and other wild animals. They are close to you. Please come aso and take a deep breath in woods. 

It’s my pleasure to show you the trekking routes .

Have a good day!


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