~My favorite relaxing spot for my break ∼ Saiganden-ji , 10 min walk from JR Aso station

Hello everyone, how are you?

I would like to introduce a nice walk from Michi no Eki Aso, today.
It is my favorite place especially in fall.

Saiganden-ji was a very important Buddhism temple which led the mountain worship in Aso.

As Mt. Aso, the active volcano had a lot of influence to the people’s life due to its powerful activities. Many unique cultures derived from the mountain worship had been created.

Before Meiji Era,1868, Shintoism and Buddhism were not separated like now, they worked together, and cultures or customs could be mixed a lot.

It is same here in Aso, Aso shrine had tremendous influence over 2000 years, but actually not all the time.
From 8th to 16th century, Buddhism had a lot of power as well, and Saiganden-ji was the top of them.

There were almost 90 small temples and monks’ houses near the crater, they lived there and were praying and chanting all day long to make the volcano calm.

You can see how they dressed ,how they chanted, how they blew the horn at “Hiwatari” a ritual held at Saiganden-ji in April.

Let’s go back to the history.
Because of political wars, all these temples were burnt, and the monks escaped to the foot of Mt. Aso.  And they had chance to rebuild the temples, that is where we are now which is called Bochu.

Saiganden-ji is only 10 min on foot from Michi no Eki Aso.

The main hall caught fire about 20 years ago, but the site is kept nice still,and the old gate and stone steps are very quaint.

In the end of October, the autumn colors is amazing.

Right now, Higanbana is fully blooming. It is very Buddhism flower and suits to this historical Buddhism temple.

When you have some extra time before catching a train or bus at Aso station, you can enjoy walking to Saiganden-ji.


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