Aso’s Entrance Aso Station

I am going to introduce Aso Station today.

At first, Aso Station is located just next to Michi no Eki Aso.

So it is easy to come and talk to us from Aso Station! Haha


From Kumamoto Station it takes about 1 hour 15 mins by train.

You can take Higo-Hohi line from Kumamoto Station.

From Kumamoto Airport it takes about 50 mins by bus.

You can take Yamabiko-go bus from Kumamoto Airport.

This is Aso Station.

When you get off the train, you feel the fresh air and you get surprised by the beautiful nature in Aso!

We are lucky to have these amazing views from the platform at Aso Station.

In front of Aso Station! Mountain views!


Inside the station, these is a restaurant called Bouchutei.

They serve our local food specialties Takana-Meshi (a bowl of rice with Aso Takana pickles) and Dago-jiru (vegetable soup). Also there are some noodle dishes too.

This is Dago-Jiru!

Ummm super delicious !

There is a bus terminal too. Just get out the station to find it on your right.

You can take buses,

To Mt.Aso,

To Aso shrine,

To Uchinomaki area ( Uchinomaki hotspring area )

You can enjoy Aso using these buses.

If you are confused about which bus you should take, please ask the information desk there.

Also we welcome you to guide! Feel free to come to Michi no Eki Aso.( Taking buses are always complicated for me lol )

As we introduced our staffs on the previous blog → → → → →

We have great staffs who can speak English, Chinese, French and Italian.

Please drop by and ask us anything and have conversation!

We look forward to seeing you soon in Aso!



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