A beautiful day out in Minami Aso

Apologies for a slightly dated post but I wanted to briefly introduce a few great spots in Minami Aso we visited whilst Sawa and Ellen from Taiwan were visiting and working with us in Aso.

It was a great opportunity for myself, being here only 6 months now, to explore some of them locations I had yet to visit.

We drove around 30 minutes by car from Michi No Eki Aso, along the winding but beautiful mountain road to our first destination, Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine.


Whilst being quite out of the way and only really reachable by car or taxi, this Shrine is an extremely popular spot for visitors of Aso.

Although having seen many pictures before and reading my colleague’s blog, Min Min, it still was breathtaking seeing the Shrine and surrounding area in person.


Soon after arriving we had a surprise meeting with a couple from Taiwan that had visited our tourist information center the day before and had been staying at the same hotel as Sawa and Ellen.


The walk to the top took around 15 minutes passing by the lanterns synonymous with the Japanese animation, ‘To the Forest of Firefly Lights’ and the peace monument.


Although it is quite a steep walk up many steps, it was not too arduous and the tall trees in the surrounding area provide good shade from the sun, keeping you cool.


Upon reaching the top, we took some time to pay our respects at the Shrine and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest before making our way back down to the free parking area.


Back on the road we made a quick stop off at Takamori station to visit the statue of Franky and to pick up the collectors card which is part of the One Piece Kumamoto reconstruction project.

The creator of One Piece is originally from Kumamoto and created the project to help fund the reconstruction after the big earthquake in 2016.


From Takamori station we made our way to Shirakawa Suigen, an area of great natural beauty and the location of a pure spring that you can drink or take away with you.

There is no entrance fee per se but there is an expected donation of 100 yen upon entering that goes towards the care and upkeep of the area.

Bottles can also be purchased from the nearby shops and stalls if you wish to fill up before you leave, you of course can use your own bottle if you have one.

After sampling the water at the top of the stream you can then make you way further down and even get the chance to paddle inside the crystal clear but albeit very cold water. Towels also can be bought from the surrounding shops if you wish to take a dip and cool off.


Before leaving we paid our respects at the Shrine within the Shirakawa village.


Thank you reading and I hope you get the chance to enjoy the South of Aso sometime.


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