Recommendation for the local bus trip in Aso🚌

Hello everyone, how are you?

It is still cold in morning but getting warmer in the day!
Here at the tourist information, we have questions about the public transport quite often,especially from foreign travelers who don’t drive cars in Japan.

If we live in Aso, we don’t have many chances to use the local bus.
show more exact information to tourists, I used a local bus service from JR Aso station to Aso Uchinomaiki onsen area the other day!

I will show you a couple procedure as followings.
If you have ever used local bus in Japan, it is basically same.
There was an announcement in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, right after we got on the bus. It was very helpful.

If you are traveling with IC card for public transport such as Suica, Icoca, Pasumo, Sugoca etc., they are available also for Aso local bus.
If you don’t have IC cards you can also pay by cash, please make sure to pick up a number card as soon as you get on the bus.

A white small ticket with number ( which is called “Seiriken”) is to prove from which bus stop you get on the bus.
So don’t lose it nor smash it.
You can see how much the fare is on the black board at the front of bus anytime.

Press the purple button on the wall before arriving the bus stop you want to get off.You should put the coins and number card together in the fare box next of driver.

They don’t give you change, please exchange the money with machine beside the fare box in advance.

I got off the bus at Uchinomaki Hot spring area, but if you stay on the same bus it will take you to Aso shrine area and come back to JR Aso station.
They have an oposit route to go to Aso shrine first then Uchinomaki Hot spring area and come back to JR Aso station.

These are very useful for sightseeing, and also the bus go through some very local area. and the view is nice. Even for me, just looking outside from bus was quite interesting.

Also, the bus go to Mt.Aso is fun.
I could see a different view from the one I see from my car. The seat is a lot higher on the bus.

If you would like to take these local buses, please feel free to drop by our tourist information counter inside of Michi no Eki Aso.

If you let us know how much time you have or what you are interested in, we will give you the tips for the best local bus trip!

Have a great time in Aso!



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