Aso Shrine Monzen Machi Shopping Street

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You may know that ground water gushes out many places in the Aso caldera.

Thanks to Aso caldera, spring waters are found in the area around Aso Shrine.

There are 36 places you can see and drink the spring waters.

Interestingly, each spring waters have different names.

This area the spring waters are located,is called “Aso Shrine Monzen Machi (town) Shopping street” Mon means a gate, the gate here at Monzen Machi, called Torii gate, is the gate of Aso Shrine.

This is Torii gate. You can see them around most big shrines in Japan.



Locals around this street call the spring waters, “Mizuki” and the water is used in many ways to make locals and visitors happy and healthy.

For locals, they have been utilizing this clean spring water for agriculture as well as producing their original food,sweets,enjoyments,and more. Therefore, we can eat delicious rice, Takana ( leaf mustards ), Tofu, all made in Aso with the spring water.



The spring water at Aso Shrine, it is called 神の泉( Kami no Izumi )

神 means god, and 泉 means spring water. Of course this spring water is located in Aso Shrine. In Japanese culture, before entering the worship hall, you purify yourself with this water.



Next, this is 菓恋水( karen sui ). 菓 (ka) means sweet, 恋(ren)  means love, 水(sui) is water.



It is beautiful clear water. Why is the 菓恋水 named like this?

It is because 菓恋水 is located just next to a sweet shop called Tanoya and the owner of Tanoya, he loves making cakes and sweets using 菓恋水.

Tanoya is well known for their cream puffs called Tanosyu. It has a creamy and rich taste.



If you have time, please drop by Aso Shrine Monzen Machi shopping street!

The rebuilt Haiden (Worship hall) is waiting for you!







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