Why don’t you try the cheese made in Aso??

Hello, everybody^^

It has been warm in October this year, but I heard that it would be a lot cooler all the sudden next week!
I don’t like cold weather but I love the food in cold weather…

I know I should introduce Japanese food for foreign tourists though, today I would like you to know the new products of Abe daily farm in

Abe daily farm started as a tiny family owned farm in 1968.
They take care of their cows very well, they grow the hay for cows on their own with the fertilizer made from their own cows’ poop.
The cows spend their life freely at Abe daily farm. They can eat and drink anytime, they can lay down and sleep anytime. And if they feel it’s time, they walk into milking barn on their own.
ASO MILK which is the brand of Abe daily farm got the worldwide award from iTQi in 2013.

ASO MILK is bottled after milking without touching air. The pasteurization is done in low heat ( 30min in 63℃) so the lactic bacteria or yeast which is healthy for our body stay alive in milk.

Anyhow, their milk, and yogurt, and soft ice, anything made from ASO MILK is good!

Then, my husband was asking… they don’t make cheese?
Hmm, no cheese….  It was about 7 years ago….

And now on Oct.1st in 2021, Abe daily farm opened ASO MILK Cheese factory and restaurant at Uchinomaki,Aso.

We couldn’t wait their opening day! Then, we went there on the 1st day they opened 😀

Their cheese factory is right beside the restaurant. Milk is fresh and cheese is fresh!

No wonder they are good 😀

You can buy some cheese and enjoy them home, too. They sell them by weight. It is very rare in Japan.

They went to Italy to learn how to make cheese, so the restaurant is Italian style as well.

We ordered meat sauce pasta and 4 cheese pizza. He put cheese on top of pasta right in front of us!

Oh, we also ordered this. Grilled fresh vegetable with cheese on top was great.

If you are a foreigner living or traveling in Japan, you may miss real cheese sometimes?!

Please keep it in your mind that you can fill you up with delicious cheese and daily products made in Aso, if you come to ASO MILK FACTORY!




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