Spring Flower “Tulips” in Aso!

Hello from Michi no Eki Aso!

Today is good spring weather in Aso. Spring is associated with flowers in Japan.

We have many kinds of flowers that you can enjoy in each season in Aso.


I hope you checked my previous blog about Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in Aso, and today I am going to talk about spring season flower “Tulips” in Aso!


First, A park called Aso☆Viva I already talked in my previous article about  Sakura, You can see tulips there too!

They started blooming at the end of March, and now they are fully in bloom!

There are red, white, yellow and purple tulips as you can see! So colorful!

I found an interesting article that said that tulips have different meanings depending on their colors, according to the language of flowers.

For instance, Red tulips meaning is confession of love.

Purple tulips meaning is eternal love.

They have so sweet meanings. I recommend that you see the tulips with your important person. It will be very romantic ♡

And one more place where you can see tulips near Kokuzō Shrine. (Teno area)

Teno area is famous for the spring water.

The Locals (living in Teno area) made the following constructions. 

This is a Japanese waterwheel called Suisha(水車). The spring water is flowing.

This is called Kusadomari and it is used as a tent.

The Locals take care of these beautiful tulips and constructions to preserve the landscape that they made for future generations.


Spring has just started in Aso!

The situation of corona virus infection is getting worse in Japan again.

Although, thankfully, there are a few customers from abroad who speaks English coming to Michi no Eki Aso lately.

We are really happy to speak to them ♪

Please stay safe and we hope we can see you soon in Aso!



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