Noyaki(Controlled Burning)at Matoishi Bokuya

Hello from Michi no Eki Aso!

I was able to see Noyaki (controlled Burning) at Matoshi Bokuya.

Matoishi is an area. Mato means target, Ishi means stone.

Let me talk about a history of Aso.

Once upon a time, the god of Aso, he was really good at shooting arrows. And he had been practicing shooting from Mt.Ojo-dake to a target called Matoishi.

So the area was named literally Matoishi.

Bokuya is a place that is only accessible with certified local guides or staff of Noyaki. Thank you for giving me this special chance!

I was lucky to go there that day but I felt scared of seeing burning grassland.

The sound of burning was amazing!

I could feel the heat!

But you may wonder why we need to burn these grassland?

Yes! I thought the same as you before I had experienced it.

There are some reasons why we need to burn the grassland.

One of the most important reason is that we put cattle and horses to pastureland so we need to protect them from pests and bush by welcoming a new grass for cattle, horses, flowers, and our amazing landscape. Also, we can prevent landslides thanks to Noyaki.

They live in Aso ♪

Last week, while I was going up to Mt.Aso, and I saw controlled burned Komezuka.

As you know, Komezuka normally has green grassland as you can see the picture below.

But look! This is controlled burned Komezuka!

We only can see it now! (The end of March!)

We should keep these beautiful mountains by preserving the Noyaki tradition.




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