Wonderful Artistic Trees in Aso!

You can see interesting trees at a park on Yamanami High Way ( Route11 )


This is very big crane

Each crane trees have different faces

This is a swimming turtle

It seems to feel good swimming in this big garden with the blue sky♪


This is a baby elephant

It looks so fun! Looks like Enjoying dancing ♫


This is Sumou wrestler

Sumou is a Japanese traditional sport. It is a Japanese form of wrestling.


This is a baseball player!

He looks so strong!


Lastly,what are those bears? Lol

Yes! Kumamon! We love Kumamon so much! Hahaha


It has snowed these 2 days in Aso so they are wearing snow coat! Lucky to see them ♫


This park’s name is Senbaru-shika park.

Senbazuru means a thousand cranes.

People make a thousand origami cranes to wish something.


They all are made by an owner who has a shop next to these wonderful artistic trees. He surely hopes our happiness.


Shika means deer. There are some deers you can see at this park too.


You can get energy from these wonderful cranes trees and deers!




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