Live report on burning grasslands (Noyaki) in Aso

A long waited Noyaki in Aso finally took place after weeks of delay due to bad weather.

This morning thanks to my colleague, I was given an opportunity to see how Noyaki were like, it was such a real eyeopener for me! Please enjoy the pictures taken below and video will be share on Michinoeki Aso facebook page so please do check it.

Noyaki is a controlled burning of Aso grasslands which begins all over Aso every year in March. This has been carried out for over thousands of years in and around the Aso caldera. The fire can in some cases reach heights of 30m and these fires are incredibly dangerous and require skilful technique, collaboration of teamwork and many volunteers helping hands. I had the opportunity to speak to the volunteer who came from all over Japan such as Tokyo to help with Noyaki burning. Lots of effort are required to help maintain and preserve Aso grassland which brings a unique landscape in Aso. This is an yearly important event for Aso that is made possible thanks to the work of volunteers.

The grassland turned pitch black after controlled burning. The black soil found in Aso grasslands is rich with fine charcoal particles resulted from Noyaki.

Under the pitch black ash, the grass of the grassland, underground stems will develop and begins to sprout in less than a month. During Noyaki controlled burning, the dead grass on the ground surface is burned in an instant, and thus the flower seeds remining on the surface or underground also sprout with the grass. This controlled burning of Aso grasslands helps to preserve biodiversity, including rare and endangered flora and fauna.

We hope you enjoy the above sharing to know about Aso Noyaki controlled burning.

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