Discovering restaurants with stunning locations and delicious local cuisine

Hello, how are you?

Today, I would like to introduce a restaurant with a great view of the caldera.

Restaurant Kitayama is located on the outer rim of Aso Caldera, along Milk Road, which is very popular among motorcycle riders.

The most impressive feature of this restaurant is its panoramic view. There is a path leading to the observation deck if you would like an even better view.

Admission costs 300 JPY per person, but I recommend trying it at least once. Following the narrow ridge, you’ll experience a 360-degree open view.

From there, you can enjoy the unique landscape and topography of the Aso Caldera wall up close.

The owner of the restaurant was proud of a cute heart shape created by cutting the grass on the side of the cliff. It makes this place a fantastic photo spot for your trip to Aso.

“The most impressive thing at this restaurant is this great view.” Honestly, that’s what I thought until I tried the Aso Akaushi beef bowl!

Here it is! This is the most popular item on the menu at this restaurant, the “Bai-Ku-Don”(倍喰丼), which in Chinese characters means a double-eating meal, and also sounds like “bike” (motorcycle) meal.

The thick slices of Aso Akaushi beef, perfectly cooked, were just right to satisfy our desire for delicious meat. We enjoyed the rich flavor and excellent texture of the Aso Akaushi beef. Side dishes like tofu, salad, soup, and pickles were all excellent as well.

I simply expected to enjoy our lunch in this amazing location without focusing the food itself, but the meal’s taste exceeded my expectations!

I highly recommend this place. If you order a meal at the restaurant, the admission fee for the observation deck will be 100 JPY per person (soft serve ice cream is an exception).

Enjoy the stunning view of the Aso Caldera wall and grasslands along with the perfect meal of Aso Akaushi beef!


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