New year celebration in Aso

Hello from Michi No Eki Aso beautiful frozen snow land!


There’s typical customs for new year’s weeks in Japan.

As every country has own culture to celebrate new year, in Japan we have Shimenawa. Nawa means rope.

This decollated rope made by rice stalks put   entrance door in 28th December. From north to south in Japan, thousands of beautiful local way of knit ropes with leaves, mandarins or rice from nature. Every item has meaning bring you luck.

In Japan crane and turtle are lucky animals.

This is crane (Tsuru)   

This is turtle( Kame) with long tail by rice.

For sustainable Aso culture, local master lecture to kids at school camp.

Kids had fun to nit ropes. Great works♪


We Japanese have rice cake in especially first week of new year. Rice cake is called Mochi.

Rice cake made by sticky rice at first steamed than crush. Rice become smooth than cut and make small ball by hands.

How to eat Mochi is as you like, with soy sauce, seaweeds or red beans. I love mochi with soybean flour, yummy(^^♪

First of January, we have special lunch with all family together.

2nd weekend of January, people gather and burn New Year’s decorations with big fire! 


Kids play with kites, have mochi and soup, and drink sake.


This year is ox year in Japanese zodiac.

Cute ox is hoping many happiness and smile on you this year at Michi No Eki Aso.

Have a good day!




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