The Aso shrine’s main door: still under reconstruction


Goodday everybody,


Today, short visit to Aso shrine of which the main portal door is still in the works since the 2016 earthquake.

The weather is sweet at Aso shrine. The Autumn skies bring cold air into the caldera, but walking around in a t-shirt at noon is pretty safe since temperatures climb up to 18-20°C (65-68°F) and the sun is very present these last days.





The main building has been rebuild entirely and some of the doors, walls and decorations show the way the new wood has been interlocked with the salvaged parts from the older era.

The mix of it is a lesson both in recycling and architecture, a Japanese artistic and traditional feature.





The main portal is being renovated and should open its huge doors in August 2023. Coming soon!

Meanwhile, some simple panels explain the works and show images of the past and future of the main buildings in the shrine.





Some parts, like the “office for magic fortune papers” doesn’t seem like to get rebuild anytime soon,
but that way you get to try your fortune under an official Aso shrine tent!





A last look at the copper roof of the sanctuary before we head into one of the neighboring cafes or tea houses for a sweet bite.

See you soon in Aso for more adventures!





Google Maps link to the Aso shrine = Aso Jinja


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