The grassland turned green after the controlled burning. It is a beautiful season to hike in Aso!

Hello everyone, how are you?

From the end of April to the 1st week of May, it is a big holiday week in Japan. You might have ever heard that Japanese said, it is Golden Week!
The weather in Aso was not perfect till yesterday, but it is a very nice day, today!
I am happy to see a lot of tourists enjoying the great nature and view in Aso.

The other day, I went back to a park at the middle of Mt. Aso where we ate our lunch during the controlled burning with my neighbors.

The burning was held on Feb.26th, so it have passed 2 months.

Before looking at the next photo, please close your eyes and imagine how it looks like now……




Here it is!!

Look at this beautiful green grass carpet.

I found even some oriental yellow violet was blooming. (Violet but yellow :P)

This plant is designated as a near threatened species by Kumamoto prefecture in Japan.

The trail for Mt. Nakadake and Mt. Takadake from where you can look down the active volcano closely had just opened again the other day. The volcanic eruption alert was at level 2 or 3 since the last eruption occurred in Oct,2021 so that the trail was closed for a while.

Now the alert level is 1, and the trail was cleared from the thick volcanic ashes by the people who takes care of it. If you are in Japan and look forward to hiking on this trail, don’t miss this chance!

This is a view from “Sensui-kyo”.
Kyusyu Azalea which is called “Miyama Kirishima” in Japanese is so tough as they can bloom near the active volcano. They start blooming now.

Let’s enjoy Aso in early summer!  


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