The Myth & Legend of Nekodake, one of the five peak of Mount Aso.

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Most of you are aware that Mount Aso consist of a total of five peaks, however have you heard about the myth & legend of these five peaks?

Among the five peaks, I would like to cover about short write up about Nekodake written in Japanese as (根子岳). By the way do you know among the five peaks, which is Nekodake?

The Deity of Aso Shrine, Takeiwatatsu-no-mikoto poured out the water in the crater of Aso, thereby formed the wide rice field, lava spouting and other mountains formed one after another which formed the five peaks of Aso Mountain.

Aso Mountain which consist of five brothers. Takadake known as the eldest brother, followed by Nakadake, Eboshidake, Kishimadake and the last being Nekodake.

Takeiwatatsu-no-mikoto loved all the five just like his own children.

Nekodake, being the youngest among his brothers is a very mischievous boy and always quarreling and giving trouble to his elder brothers. He is always outstretching himself and would not lose to his elder brothers. One day, the height of Nekodake overtook his brothers and became tallest among them which  used to be the shortest among all. And with that, he felt himself being the greatest and the best among them, he shook his shoulders and said to his brothers, can you catch up with me?

Takeiwatatsu-no-mikoto (Deity of Aso Shrine) gazed at that situation thinking recently Nekodake does not listen to him, neither was him obediently abiding to his commands. At times, Nekodake opposed against Takeiwatatsu-no-mikoto too. He felt he must do something now before it’s too late. And he took a bamboo stick and strike hard on the head of Nekodake.

It was said, that was the cause of Nekodake peak (Head) being uneven which in Japanese it is call Dekoboko (でこぼこ/凸凹).

After reading the above legend, can you spot which is Nekodake?

Did you got it right? ↓Below picture should give you a clear answer =)

I hope you enjoy the above write up.

Yǒsħĩḿį ~ ☆

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