Temporary closings and changes in Aso due to the Coronavirus

As you must know this new virus coming from China and spreading in Japan and other countries in the world has become a global concern. Many touristic places such as disneyland Tokyo are being closed and many events all around the country are being cancelled to prevent this virus to spread more than it has already spread. This also concerns Aso.


The very popular festival in Aso called Hifuri Shinji isn’t cancelled and will still be held on March 18th but tourists won’t be able to experience it like it was possible the years before. Only the staff of this festival will be able to swing straw bundles in flame. The visitors will only be able to watch.


Cuddly Dominion decided to close their establishment until March 15th. Note that they also are the ones who provide helicopter tours above the Nakadake crater. It means that it won’t be possible to see the crater from a helicopter at least until March 15th too. 


The tourist train Seven Stars won’t be running during this month of March. Usually it attracts many visitors at Aso station who are trying to get the best look at this beautiful train.

Another popular destination situated in Nishiharamura is also closed until March 15th. It is the famous Aso milk farm. If you’re planning to come in Japan or are already here, I recommend you check every places you want to go in advance. Closing dates may change according to the situation and I’ll let you know on this blog or on our English Facebook page if there is any changes. 

You can check this page from the Japan National Tourism Organization for the latest news about the coronavirus in Japan: https://www.japan.travel/en/news/coronavirus/

UPDATE: The Volcano Museum at Kusasenri will also be closed from March 3rd at 1pm to March 15. 

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