Let’s cycling in aso event!

Michi no Eki Aso is organizing an all new event for exchange students living in Kumamoto prefecture. This time we will use bicycles to go down Mount Aso From the volcano museum at Kusasenri. As always this event is completely free and includes transportation from Kumamoto city, the use for bicycles, and lunch.


After a short visit at Kusasenri, participants will ride a bicycle and ride downhill towards Michi no Eki Aso where they will be able to take a break for lunch. Everyone will receive a coupon worth 700 yen and buy whatever they want. Then they can ride the bicycle again towards Aso Shrine. There they will also get a coupon to get a croquette from a famous shop situated in the shopping street and called Torimiya. Last stop before going back to Kumamoto will be at Uchinomaki where participants will get a last coupon for an Ikinari Dango at Watanabe Manju. 

Participants are free to stop wherever they want to enjoy the view or do shopping. We just ask them to be sure to reach the last rdvz point on time. Discovering Aso riding a bike is very enjoyable. These bicycles are equipped with an assist system so even if you’re not a sports person you should enjoy this event without too much pain. 

Participants can apply until November 13th by sending us the following application form. 



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