Kabutoiwa viewpoint!

When you talk about where to enjoy the view in Aso, the Daikanbou viewpoint is the one that come first in mind. But there are many other viewpoints all around that are also worth it. Today I will introduce you to the Kabutoiwa viewpoint.


Yesterday evening, the weather was great and I had the chance to be able to stop there on my way home. This once again a place that suffered the Kumamoto earthquake. There was a covered resting place there but it is not anymore. Anyway the best thing the place have to offer is still there, and that’s the great view on mount Aso and the inside of the caldera’s northern part. 


You can park your car on the parking situated just on the other side of the road. There you’ll find toilets and a little shop to get something to eat. There is also vending machines with many drinks available. If your driving on the milk road (and I highly recommend it) it is a great spot to rest and enjoy the view!


See you soon in Aso!

Ps: sorry for my shadow on the last picture…


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