A new fun activity on Mount Aso!

With the crater still closed, some might want to try interesting outdoor activities to enjoy Mount Aso. Trekking is still possible on Mount Eboshi and Mount Kishima. Horse riding is also an option at Kusasenri. These are just example of how to enjoy your time near this active volcano. And I was able to try a new activity that will be available in the days to come!

As you can see on the pictures, I was able to climb on board this caterpillar tracked vehicle. You have the choice to climb on the trailer or on the vehicle itself (but you can’t drive it). Depending on where you seat it feels quite different but I guarantee great sensations whatever your choice is.


When seating in the trailer, you need to hang on firmly where you can because it shakes a lot! You can’t see where you’re heading so it can be a little scary at time especially when going through the most rough parts of the terrain. It costs 1500 yen for twenty minutes.

When sitting in the vehicle itself, and more specifically at the front, it doesn’t shake as much as when you’re sitting on the trailer but you can see exactly where you go and can feel the speed. This vehicle can reach 70 kilometers per hour. 2500 yen for twenty minutes (there is also an option where for 1000 yen more you can reach a much more higher point to enjoy an even better view).

But I forgot to tell you the best part of the experience. You’re riding in the middle of a grassland with a view on the fuming Nakadake crater on the back! This feeling of riding surrounded by such a beautiful nature is really great. This grassland is situated just behind the heliport near Kusasenri.

You can check their website via the following link: http://www.aso.ne.jp/~natureland/truck/






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