Take us bus trip with us in Aso!

Ohayo~ It is Ellen and Sawa again. Today we’re going to share how to take the bus to Uchinomaki, Aso Shrine and some of the shops we visited as well as things you might need to know.

The bus ticket office is on left hand side of the entrance if you are facing the Aso Train Station.


You will notice the ticket selling vending machine right after you go in.


Here are the stations and the price.


The stops and the prices are show on top of the machine, our first stop is “阿蘇市商工会前”. It costs ¥300. Here’s the steps to buy ticket:


In Japan, the general public transportation system follows the practice of boarding from the rear door and disembarking from the front door.

When boarding, it’s essential to be mindful that unless you possess a Japanese transportation card, you’ll need to take a “boarding ticket” which can be obtained from a machine located beside the boarding staircase.


The bus does not give change. You can use the change machine next to the driver to exchange money. When getting off the bus, pay the corresponding amount shown on the driver’s screen based on the number of the ticket in your hand.


For example, when you board the bus at “Aso Station,” which is stop 1, you should pay the price listed below the number 1 on the fare panel when you get off. Simply drop the ticket and the fare together into the fare box.


We get off at “阿蘇市商工会前” and then board the bus at “內牧” station. This time, we couldn’t buy a ticket in advance, so we took a “boarding ticket” when we got on the bus. When we reach “Aso Shrine” station, we can pay the fare of ¥300 in coins and get off the bus.

Finally, we take the bus back from “Aso Shrine” station to “Aso Station,” and the fare is also ¥300.

Next, we’re going to introduce you to some of the shops we visited.


內牧 Uchinomaki

First, we visited “駄菓子屋チロリン村”. After getting off at “阿蘇市商工会前” , go straight, and turn right.


They sell various candies, snacks, and toys, such as different flavored corn sticks, Babu cones, shaped candies, toy cars, space bubbles, and more. It’s similar to the nostalgic small shops in Taiwan.


Apart from the nostalgic snacks, they also have vintage arcade game machines, black and white televisions, table football, etc., creating a small museum that preserves memories of Japanese childhood.


Next, we went to Patisserie d’Aso MIYUKI.

This is a French pastry shop, and the aroma of butter and dough fills the air from the large oven baking cakes. We can’t wait to take a bite once the cakes are ready. Besides a variety of exquisite desserts and cakes, they also offer gelato ice cream in different flavors, made with seasonal and natural ingredients, which are both delicious and healthy.


Outside the shop, there is a newly built terrace dining area, where you can enjoy the breeze, admire the street view of Uchinomaki, and indulge in the delightful desserts that bring smiles. What could be better?


Please join us again for the continuation of our bus journey soon.

Thank you for reading.

Ellen and Sawa

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