Aso is the place you can see rainbows 🌈

Hello from Michi No Eki Aso! I hope you have a good day.

Summer holidays start in Japan. Here in Aso have beautiful customs. People pick wild flowers in mountain and bring back home than offer to spirits of  ancestors. 

I’ve often seen beautiful rainbows include double rainbows.

Our staffs are pleasure to take photo and share  Aso’s beautiful landscapes. This photo from our team staff Nathalie. The rainbow was very big. She could seen that about 30 minutes from northern outer rim. 


This photo from another staff shared me the same rainbow on next day. He had taken this photo from center of Aso city at tomato field.  


My team colleagues  had seen the rainbow when they had finished work.

I saw this rainbow when I drove down to office in the morning. 

I had seldom seen rainbow when I had lived in Tokyo. Aso’s beautiful nature provide us rainbow after rain sometimes ♡

Please come Aso and enjoy nature!!


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