Nishihara Village, the nearest part of Aso from Kumamoto Airport

Hello from Michi no Eki Aso! 

Today I am going to talk about Nishihara village in southern Aso. Nishihara village is located quite near Kumamoto airport. You can stop by before your flight.


There are many unique sites you can find there. 

Firstly, I went to Moe no Sato, which is a farmers market, where you can see seasonal flowers. That day I saw colorful cosmos there. Unfortunately, there was a typhoon that blew them down. 



Some cosmos were surviving!! Luckily, I was able to see some!



After Moe no Sato, I went to a restaurant called “ar”.



The ar is an organic restaurant surrounded by a green forest, they make meals and drinks, all organic.    

I started with a cold corn soup. Cold milk and corn is a very nice combination.



The main meal was served. I was waiting for the beef ♡



It had a really soft texture and the original taste of the beef is so delicious.

I ate it with Japanese rice balls, we call them Onigiri.



When I felt full, I was really happy ~~~ ☆彡haha 

When will I go on a diet ? Lol That is fine, My happiness is more important (^_-)-☆haha

Next, I went to Aso Milk Farm.(阿蘇ミルク牧場)



They charge just 400 yen for an adult and a kid. For kids under 3 years old, admission is free.

You can get close to animals here. There are many kinds of cows here.



Some baby cows are also waiting for you to play with.



A cool horse is with her baby ~~ 



Pigs are taking a nap (˘ω˘)… You can touch them ♪



You can also see wonderful views from here.



Of course there are some sweets like a milk flavored ice cream.



I got refreshed, thanks to these animals and the views of Aso that day!

I really recommend you stop by Nishihara village!




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