Brazil day at HanaAsobi


HanaAsobi is a facility in Aso, well-known in Aso for its rose garden. But you can also find there a souvenir shop and you can also enjoy strawberry picking there when it’s the season. Yesterday at HanaAsobi was held the Brazil day event, and I brought you back a lot of pictures!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be at the event when it started at 11am (but you can expect a future blog entry that will explain why very soon:). The first thing I noticed when i arrived was the many food stalls proposing brazilian product and food.



There is a scene inside the main building of HanaAsobi, just between the souvenir shop and the restaurant. And the first thing I was able to enjoy was a demonstration of Capoeira. It seems that this is really popular around the world as I used to see this same kind of presentation in France too. I really like to just watch this show that looks like to me as a mix between a dance and martial arts. 



The scene was also used later during the day by musicians as you can see on the pictures. As you can guess they all played kind of latinos vibes music. It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy these shows between the other attractions taht took place outside.

As I already said I wasn’t able to be there since the start. But I was able to enjoy two of the main outside shows. The first one was a drumming parade. it started right in the middle of the rose garden before reaching the front of the main building for the finale. A really festive feel from the troup made it really enjoyable.



The last show before the day ended was a samba dance! Instead of trying to explain it, I decided it would be better to put the video on Youtube so you can just enjoy it almost as if you were there yourself!



I do not know much myself about Brazil but I can say that this event made me want to look for information about brazilian culture. It is really nice to see this kind of event celebrating cultures from another country. Maybe who knows, we’ll see more of these event in Aso in the future. Hope you enjoyed today’s blog entry and see you soon in Aso!




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