Another barbecue in the grassland!

In March, I was able to participate in a special barbecue organized by ANECO. Last week-end I had the chance to be invited again to see that eating delicious meat is not the only thing you can enjoy there.


But first I want to remind you that this barbecue is held near the famous Komezuka (which looks like a bowl of rice turned upside down) next to a parking space equipped with public toilets. Very convenient place that also offers a great view on a vast grassland and the Aso caldera.

The tents are installed inside the grassland. ANECO got the authorization to organize this kind of event here but please note that having a barbecue in a grassland isn’t allowed to the general public.


Once again the meat called Akaushi beef, a specialty of Aso, was very delicious. The cook obviously knows his job and I really enjoyed my meal. Of course in addition to the meat itself we also got various vegetables also cooked on the grill. But that’s not all because we were also able to eat some tacos made with Akaushi beef. Very good and a nice way to close the meal with a glass of fresh tea. I was driving so I wasn’t able to drink some but there was also some Kirin beer and on the can you can see a nice drawing of Kusasenri’s grassland as you can see on one of the pictures of this blog entry. It just fits so well with the scenery.


After the meal, I was surprised to see that we were able to experience something really cool. The cook came with a drone and made it fly around. The cool thing is that you lay yourself on a hammock and put what looks like VR goggles on your head. In fact what you can see is the video feedback from the drone as it flies around. I was able to see the Komezuka from the sky and even notice a hole at his center. The Komezuka is protected and it is not possible to climb it so it was really cool to be able to fly over it. I have usually a fear of heights but laying in your hammock, the feel was great and not frightening at all.


I spent a great time there. If you read this blog for a long time now, you surely know that I really enjoy eating meat but this barbecue is much more than that. The scenery, the people around you and this drone experience at the end really make this barbecue a must do in my opinion. See you soon in Aso!





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