Let`s enjoy cycling to Daikanbo

Good day everyone!

Recent weather has been quite unpredictable in Aso, however I was glad that it was a cloudy weather during my day off at work the other day. It was a chance to head out for a ride!

Begin my ride from Senomoto Highland and touch point at Yamanami Highway, Milk Road, Daikanbo, Minamioguni, Kurokawa Onsen and back to my start point with a total distance of 48km and elevation gain of 931m.

It`s been awhile since I last came to Daikanbo and the viewpoint is always fascinating!

Daikanbo is one of the peaks on the northern outer rim of the caldera. It is said that it was used as a guard post of Aso clan in the olden days.

It was formerly named Tohmigahana, however during Taisho period in May, 1922, at the request of Oshima, Uchinomaki town mayor, a journalist, Tokutomi Soho named it as Daikanbo.

This is the best view spot in Aso where you can enjoy a 360 degree panorama in the city of Aso, the five peaks of Aso Mountain. The rural landscape of Aso Valley can be seen from the viewpoint, on the other hand, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the vast grasslands which have been maintained by the locals.

There are also souvenir shops and restaurants at Daikanbo, and it’s a popular spot for stargazing too.

I have not ride on the bike for almost a month since rainy season and the long ride of 48km leads to body ache the next day.

However it was a good sweat out while enjoying Aso great nature scenery during cycling and if you are an outdoor person, I encourage you to enjoy cycling during your travel to Aso as it is the best way to explore around in rural area and especially the hidden gems. Lots of great nature views awaits your arrival and below are some shots captured during my cycling!


Rental cycling and cycle tour is available should you feel a hassle bring along your bike while travelling.

(1) From webpage below, you can enjoy trail walking or different level of cycling course in Aso vast grassland, Why don’t you come and experience a splendid nature way of outdoor activity while enjoying your travel in Aso as this is only possible with certified guided tour!

Michi no Eki Aso (NPO ASO Den’en Kukan Museum)

Webpage➔ https://www.aso-denku.jp/bokuyaguide/en/

Address: 1440-1, Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2225
Contact: 0967-35-5077 Fax: 0967-35-5085
Email: denku-k@aso-denku.jp (Higashitani)


(2) If you prefer free and easy on your own, you can rent a bike from the below venue should you be staying around Aso city and at the same time, rental cycle Clamp shop also provides cycling tour should you change your mind:

Aso Cycle Climbing Base Camp

Webpage➔ http://aso.ne.jp/clamp/cycle/index.html#01

Address: 48 Uchinomaki, Aso, Kumamoto 869-2301

Contact: 0967-32-0928

(3) And if you happen to book a hotel and staying along the other side of Aso region, Minamioguni for example Kurokawa Onsen area, rental of bike and tour are also available on the following venue:

Aso Kuju Cycle Tour Trim Company

Webpage➔ http://aso-cycletour.com/rental-bikes/

Address: 5621-7 Manganji, Minamioguni, Aso District, Kumamoto 869-2402

Contact: 090-8666-1006

Hope you find the above information useful and let us know if you have any enquiry with regards to the above information and we will try our best to assist the best we can.

And here’s video of Daikanbo taken by Aso Design Center below for your viewing pleasure ⇩

Hope you enjoy the above writeup sharing.


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