Hifuri festival is maybe the most popular festival in Aso. It is held every year in March at Aso shrine. Everyone can participate by swinging flaming ropes. During the event the shrine is illuminated by these circles of fire and it gives the place an even more ancient feel.



Beautiful festival held in the end of July at Kokuzō Shrine and then at Aso shrine one day apart. The main attraction is the parade and more especially these women dressed in white wearing the meals for the gods over their head.

It is also a chance to assist to a religious ceremony inside the shrine, throw rice plants on portable shrines to ensure a good harvest or enjoy many kinds of food at one of the many food stalls around.


Almost every year the grasslands of Aso are burnt to ensure a fresh grass for the cattle to grow and to prevent the forest from taking over. This is an important event for Aso that is made possible thanks to the work of volunteers.

But burning grasslands is not without risk and therefore Noyaki isn’t a tourist attraction. Anyway you may have the chance to see it from a fair distance if you visit Aso around March.

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