Mount Aso


Nakadake is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan.  Inside its crater lies a beautiful fuming blue lake and it is possible for you to see it from above.

Because of the toxic gases released from the crater, access to the area can be restricted. Please follow this link to check the current situation.

You can access the Nakadake crater by driving up to the top (there is a fee for the final part of the road)  or you can use a cable-car from the rope-way station. A bus is available from Aso train station to the rope-way station.


On the way to the Nakadake crater, there is a place called Kusasenri. It is a very popular spot with an amazing view and beautiful grassland. If access to the crater is closed, this is the best place to enjoy the view of the fuming crater.

In addition to the Aso volcano museum and the various restaurants, it is also possible to enjoy walking or even horse riding. Kusasenri is a good starting point for trekking on Mount Aso.

You can access Kusasenri by car within 25 minutes or take a bus from Aso station.


Sunasenri is situated just next to the Nakadake crater. Unlike Kusasenri, there is no grassland here and the place can look like a desert. It is a popular path for everyone who wants to hike on Mount Aso.


The perfectly shaped Komezuka looks like a bowl of rice turned upside down. In order to protect the flora, it is not possible to climb Komezuka.

There is no public transportation to Komezuka. But if you stop at Kusasenri and climb Kishimadake you’ll have a beautiful view of Komezuka (seen in the picture above).

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