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Vienna Sausage




430yen(pack of 6)

Gold medal winner at the German international ham and sausage contest (SÜFFA)


The reasons why these sausages are delicious「Handmade in Aso」

Superior quality pork meat

Superior quality meat from pork raised in Kumamoto prefecture.

Original spice mix

White pepper、allspice、red pepper、and a five spices original mix.

Smoking process

The sausages are smoked for three hours without using  a meat smoking machine. The smoking process varies depending on the season and weather conditions and an experienced staff is needed to make the necessary adjustments.

The abundant spring waters in Aso

Aso is known as the waterpot of Kyushu for its abudant spring waters.
Using a delicious water is important to make delicious sausages!

Natural salt

A careful selection of salt from Okinawa is used.
※Made by spending time and effort on maintaining an old recipe
※Enjoy the taste of smoked sausages and spices

A delicious way to eat Vienna sausages. Boil them !

①Put one teaspoon of salt in one liter of water. Bring to the boil.
②When the water is boiling, turn off the heat.
Put the sausages and wait for five/six minutes.
It’s ready!

※ It’s important to ensure that the sausage skin do not split.