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Aso Milk




200ml 250yen

900ml 740yen

This internationally renowned milk was awarded with the highest rank by the international taste and quality institute.


4 reasons why Aso milk is delicious

Abe farm

Every step of the production process of Aso milk is carried out exclusively in Abe farm. The cows are bred at the farm, milked every morning and the milk is even bottled in their own factory.


If you look at the bottle, you’ll see 「63℃ 30min」 written on it. It means that this milk is sterilized by heating at 63℃ for 30 minutes and that’s why it is so delicious and taste so close to raw milk.

Good pasture

abe04To match the feeding needs of the cows according to their age and physical condition they use a pasture mix containing a blend of five different kind of grass they cultivate themselves. (Timothy-grass, rice plant, straw, field grass, ryegrass).

Aso underground water

The water the cows drink spend dozens of years soaking in Aso caldera underground.

※Breed healthy cows to make a delicious milk

Awarded with the highest prize at an international packaging design contest

Aso milk packaging was awarded with the gold medal in the dairy product category at the Pentawards 2011, the worldwide packaging design awards competition.

A delicious way to drink Aso milk

The sweetness of Aso milk really reveals itself when Heated at Around 45℃.

Just put the bottle at the center of your microwave for about 40 seconds.